Dr. Jonathan Citow

Dr. Jonathan Citow

Citow Cervical Visualizer (CCV)

The CCV makes methods of the past obsolete. No more taping the shoulders down causing potential shoulder or nerve damage. No more tying gauze straps around the wrists causing possible I.V. dislodging and dislocation of the shoulders. Finally there is a solution that ensures accuracy while alleviating all of the previous risks.

Citow Cervical Visualizer

The CCV was developed by Neurosurgeon Jonathan Citow, MD after years of trying to find a better way to ensure accuracy in counting the lower levels of the cervical spine during surgery – especially with larger patients. Now you too can take advantage of this breakthrough new product, alleviating the guesswork and offering the peace of mind that you have protected yourself and your patients as completely as possible. Don’t miss out on what is sure to become a staple for all spine surgeries.

The CCV is made of aluminum and carbon fiber components. The aluminum adjustable bar and handle are made to adjust from 11 inches to 15 inches. This is a versatile range to accommodate all shoulder dimensions.The posts are 15 inches long and made of light weight radiolucent carbon fiber. This material is very durable lending strength and longevity to the product.

Protect yourself from unnecessary lawsuits while protecting your patients’ safety. With malpractice premiums at an all time high it is more important than ever to be as careful as possible. Many lawsuits are filed claiming that Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic Spine surgeons are operating at the incorrect level. The Citow Cervical Visualizer (CCV) helps to visualize the lower cervical spine by transiently pushing the shoulders out of the way. This method ensures a clearer picture on x-ray films.

Easy and Accurate

The CCV can be easily adjusted to securely fit the shoulders. The physician places the arches of the CCV on top of the shoulders, holds on to both handles and pushes toward the feet. This allows the shoulders to move down offering an optimum image of the cervical spine.

Citow Cervical Visualizer

The CCV In Use

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