About Minimally Invasive Surgery

At ACSN, we want the best results for our patients. This includes using the latest & safest surgical techniques that can give our patients a faster and less challenging recuperation.

What is Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery?

Minimally invasive surgery is an exciting new procedure that is less invasive than open surgery, which requires larger incisions. A minimally invasive procedure typically involves the use of a microscope or endoscope that is passed through a small opening in the skin. The endoscope is a tiny camera that directs the surgeon and provides them with a “view” to the treatment area.

Doctors evaluate each patient’s condition to determine the best approach to achieve the desired outcome. Provided the patient is in good general health, most back, neck, and other spine surgeries, such as spinal decompression and spinal fusion, can be performed using minimally invasive technologies including the METRx tube. Brain surgery can also be performed using minimally invasive technologies but it may be limited to certain types of conditions and pathology, such as pituitary tumors.

What are the benefits of Minimally Invasive surgery?

The benefits of minimally invasive surgery are vast:

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery carries the same risks as general surgery such as infection and pain so talk to your doctor to discuss the benefits and risks.

How does ACSN use Minimally Invasive technologies?

The doctors use a variety of minimally invasive equipment but the most widely used instrument is called an endoscope. An endoscope is like a miniature camera with fiber optic cables such that when the tube is inserted into the body via small incisions or openings, the images are transmitted to a video monitor thereby guiding the doctor. The doctor is then able to identify internal features and act on them surgically without impacting adjacent tissues. For minimally invasive spine surgeries, ACSN uses the METRx tube, microscope and micro-instruments.

Why are ACSN doctors Minimally Invasive experts?

At ACSN, our Neurosurgeons have been trained in minimally invasive techniques at state-of-the-art institutions and are pioneers in the use of these technologies. Our neurosurgeons have performed thousands of minimally invasive procedures over the years with desired outcomes and high patient satisfaction. The doctors regularly attend seminars and training sessions to maintain their knowledge and we partner with instrumentation companies in the development and application of new minimally invasive technologies. Several important neurosurgical tools have been invented by our doctors at ACSN.